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Monthly Archives: January 2001

To kick off our first local Cactus International Food Technologists (IFT) chapter meeting in Tempe, Arizona, we were treated to a talk by food safety pioneer Gale Prince, the “Dean” of safety recalls. He began his talk by introducing us to the growing number of recalls in the United States. “Food safety has become a frequent topic for the media,” he said. If you look at a 20-year trend, reccalls at retail… Read More

As another keynote lecture at American College of Nutrition Conference, David JA Jenkins of St Michael’s Hospital discussed how nutrition could have a role along with powerful drugs in the future in chronic disease. – Recent hard end-point trials and cohort studies in diabetes have indicated deficiencies in drug therapies and unintended consequences in terms of CHD and cancer risk– Dietary mantra have also been questioned in relation to saturated fat and… Read More