Why does low cholesterol cause aggression?

There might be a Darwinian explanation. According to Meninger clinic researchers, lower blood LDL cholesterol may be a signal for famine, which led to an adaptation of a response of more aggressive behavior.(1) Of course I think this is a pretty far-reaching hypothesis, but it’s interesting. Reference Erickson, MT. Lowered serum cholesterol, famine and aggressionContinue reading “Why does low cholesterol cause aggression?”

What’s the new rage? Omega-3 Index

Blood omega-3 oils could be just as or more important than blood LDL cholesterol levels. Last week I attended a conference in Las Vegas where I heard a cardiologist say bluntly that doctors need to be retrained to stop limiting their focus to blood LDL cholesterol for preventing heart disease and start using the novelContinue reading “What’s the new rage? Omega-3 Index”

Promoters say cholesterol is a nutrient – not true

I am a bit stunned by argument for consuming cholesterol by cholesterol-promoterscholesterol-and-health.com because the body makes all the cholesterol it needs (about a gram a day)and a dietary amount is unnecessary.(1) For this reason, I’m not sure I can bring myself to call the lipid a nutrient. While it is true that cholesterol-rich foods suchContinue reading “Promoters say cholesterol is a nutrient – not true”

3 reasons to still avoid cholesterol (even though it’s not bad for you)

More than 50 years have gone by since it was first discovered that too much LDL cholesterol in the blood is linked to heart disease, and, in response, healthcare professionals of all kinds have provided a simple message: “cholesterol is bad”.(1) More recent research, however, tells a different story — that eggs, liver, shrimp andContinue reading “3 reasons to still avoid cholesterol (even though it’s not bad for you)”

Don’t drive long-distances with grandpa if he has diabetes

The ultra-frequent pit stops will drive you nuts (even if he’s your beloved grandpa). Buy grandpa a plane ticket! Excessive thirst and urination signals uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, diabetic ketoacidosis or diabetes insipidus.(1) Urinalysis and blood testing are meant to detect the first two conditions.(2&3) When blood testing shows normal glucose levels and there is noContinue reading “Don’t drive long-distances with grandpa if he has diabetes”

Get an opthalmoscopic exam

A non-invasive, five- to 10-minute opthalmoscopic examination can reveal: Hypertension – Detected by swelling of the optic nerve and visual center of the retina can, hypertension is caused from narrowing arteries and amount of blood pumped by the heart.(2&3) If hypertension is not controlled it can lead to permanent damage to the optic nerve orContinue reading “Get an opthalmoscopic exam”