Getting high off endorphins

I used to listen to this incredibly motivated motivational speaker years ago who was always talking about how you need to exercise daily to “release endorphins”. The endorphins would make you high. Then you’d feel completely fantastic. And all your greatest creative ideas would enter your brain. What the heck are these endorphins anyway? Well,Continue reading “Getting high off endorphins”

Alternative treatment for Parkinson’s

How is it that a traditional Ayurvedic medicine like Mucuna pruriens can be more effective than regular synthetic levodopa for Parkinson’s? Many reasons, apparently. The botanical with natural L-DOPA appears to actually help restore endogenous levels of endogenous levodopa, dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin in the substantia nigra (1). And, unlike synthetic levodapa, it doesn’t produceContinue reading “Alternative treatment for Parkinson’s”

It’s finals week and you’ve got a tension headache

Got a tension headache? Don’t want to take an analgesic like aspirin or acetaminophen? You might try electroacupuncture. Sound like something out of sci-fi novel? Electroacupuncture is used widely in China; it’s just like acupuncture, but in which the needles deliver electrical pulses between therm. And according to a randomized, controlled, crossover trial in 2004,Continue reading “It’s finals week and you’ve got a tension headache”