Green tea could lead to longer life by protecting DNA

Last year, scientists from The Chinese University of Hong Kong found a positive association between high consumption of tea (Camellia sinensis) and longer telomere length – a marker of younger “biological age” – and living an average of five years longer, but it was unclear just how much of an impact was made by theContinue reading “Green tea could lead to longer life by protecting DNA”

How the healing process really happens

Healing is a pretty fascinating process that our body is capable of producing all on its own in response to destroyed tissue. The process replaces lost tissue and restores structure, strength and function. It’s intertwined with inflammation and so there’s overlap between the responses as you’ll note after reading these posts and previous ones.It allContinue reading “How the healing process really happens”

How cell injury happens and what is the result?

A normal cell has a general organization at a chemical level that involves atoms, molecules moving around in complex fashion that ultimately is critical to the way we live. The cell membrane and various organelles such as the mitochondria all have vital roles to play. At the cellular level, injury is a result of threeContinue reading “How cell injury happens and what is the result?”

The basics of health and disease

What does healthy mean? Some would call it the absence of disease, or when a person can fully use all of his or her physical or mental capacities. But when what we understand as the concept of health is disrupted, in some way or another (which happens inevitably), we call it disease. The study ofContinue reading “The basics of health and disease”

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is a normal response of the body that involves an increase of blood flow to a site of injury. The signs of inflammation are redness (rubor), heat (calor), swelling (tumor) and pain (dolor). One other classic sign is loss of function (function laesa). Acute inflammation is a dramatic localized response to injury. It comesContinue reading “What is inflammation?”

What causes a fever?

When inflammation comes with a body temperature that is elevated above normal, we call it a fever or pyrexia. The change in temperature is not a defect, but an adjustment by the hypothalamus to a new set point. The set point is established in consequence of release of fever-producing factors called pyrogens, whether endogenous orContinue reading “What causes a fever?”

Giving Children the Chance at a Healthy Future

Encouraging healthy habits like exercise and eating right early on helps stave off childhood obesity. September is the first-ever officially proclaimed National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in the United States. It’s a dedicated time for recognizing the seriousness of obesity on health and building awareness about the rise in obesity rates and its impact onContinue reading “Giving Children the Chance at a Healthy Future”