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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Next speaker up at New Horizons in Science is co-director of Yale’s Neurogenetics Program Matthew State, a child psychiatrist who describes himself as a gene hunter. The genes he seeks out are those that may be linked to child neuropsychiatric disorders including autism, Tourette, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. What he and other researchers use as a tool is high-throughput, high-resolution genomic analysis, which is so fast that in the near future we may… Read More

On Sunday morning at New Horizons in Science at Yale — after some coffee for brain stimulation — we were treated to our first science talk of the day: on deep-brain stimulation as a treatment for severe depression. Emory University professor of psychiatry and neurology Helen Mayberg, MD, showed us several brain scans she uses to study moods and neural networks. She can tell from these neural images whether you’re glad, mad… Read More

There are few food ingredients that conjure up more fear in the public mind than sugar and sugar substitutes found in manufactured products. This fear can be bolstered by a common ploy some companies and organizations use to create panic and push their products by smearing nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners used by their competitors. The hysteria surrounding fructose is one such example — a simple fruit sugar found in almost every natural… Read More