Calcium: U.S. adults still not getting enough

A new study suggests most U.S. adults continue to fail to get enough of the mineral through diet and supplementation to meet recommended levels. University of Connecticut and Yale University researchers examined data from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey collected from 9,475 adults between 2003 and 2006. They found that, although dietary calcium intakeContinue reading “Calcium: U.S. adults still not getting enough”

Wake up, Neo-evolution

What would you change about your own naturally evolved, naturally flawed body? Would you choose genetics to avoid diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cancer? Would you enhance your brain to increase memory and to boost creativity? Would you choose more fast-twitch muscle fibers to run faster or longer? Would you live longer? These are theContinue reading “Wake up, Neo-evolution”

Health at Telomere’s Length

A health checkup could soon incorporate a telomere measurement to estimate a person’s biological age as a superior indicator of age-related degeneration and vulnerability to disease than chronological age, reports Mitch Leslie in an article entitled, “Are Telomere Tests Ready for Prime Time,” published in Science magazine today. The article reports that two companies haveContinue reading “Health at Telomere’s Length”

Stress Awareness Month and the baboon inside you

I love to read about Robert Sapolsky’s baboons. They give me a kind of peace — the kind received when you succeed in letting go of a stressful situation by thinking, “we’re all just a bunch of baboons.” What you get from Sapolsky’s books, apart from its enjoyable wittiness, is a unique snapshot on how baboons are affected by stress, whichContinue reading “Stress Awareness Month and the baboon inside you”

What African Americans should know about vitamin D and heart health

A while back, I was talking with a friend of mine. He was a giant of a black man and we spoke about his  blood pressure woes and his weight issues. So I asked him about his diet, his habits, and all that. He told me all about it: How he ate all the right foods, how he wasContinue reading “What African Americans should know about vitamin D and heart health”