Living Food Walls for Disadvantaged Youth, Sustainable Communities

The first living wall as it’s constructed in South Africa. My friend Warren Te Brugge has taken on a project that deserves the attention of all who are interested in the ideals of sustainable communities and food security in all parts of the world. His new foundation My Arms Wide OpenĀ® is building the first-ever living food wallsContinue reading “Living Food Walls for Disadvantaged Youth, Sustainable Communities”

Lindeberg: Focus on Food Choices, Bioactives, not Nutritionism

Dr. Lindeberg weighing a Kitavan man.  While training in family medicine, Staffan Lindeberg, M.D., Ph.D., read a paper (published in 1985) in the New England Journal of Medicine that would alter the course of his future research. It was entitled “Paleolithic Nutrition” and one of the authors was Boyd Eaton, M.D. It was about the same time Dr. Lindeberg had heard from a neighbor thatContinue reading “Lindeberg: Focus on Food Choices, Bioactives, not Nutritionism”

Intermittent fasting for cardiovascular health

At a time when our ancestors existed as hunter-gatherers in the Paleolithic, it’s clear that food was not always available and that the fluctuation of feast and famine was probably more apparent. The theory of thrifty genes has it that our metabolic function is dependent on these fluctuations for optimal insulin function. So, it’s hypothesizedContinue reading “Intermittent fasting for cardiovascular health”