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Monthly Archives: September 2012

What I want to ask is this: Why aren’t there more people, beyond scientists and academics, talking about organically grown GMOs? These last few weeks have had me thinking a lot about how the terms used to describe our food — “organic,” “conventional,” and genetically modified” — which only serve to confuse and distract from greater issues at hand. The greater issues (in a nutshell): Agricultural and food scientists are given a heavy… Read More

Plants with larger root systems take up minerals more easily. Plants these days. They’re coddled, entitled, fed with a silver spoon. Use of man-made fertilizer and traditional breeding, over the years, has selected for traits that led to today’s modern-variety plants that grow fat with yields. But the downside of easy access to nutrients is that it has allowed for the breeding out of desirable traits that has left plants, well, acting… Read More