Want to stick it to Monsanto? March for public investment and open data

A while back, I interviewed a plant geneticist who expressed extreme frustration over the measly funds that were available for research into biotechnology. The scientist’s own research was quite exciting in and of itself because of its potential to profoundly improve current agricultural problems across the world by improving yield, while reducing fertilizer overuse. Intrigued,Continue reading “Want to stick it to Monsanto? March for public investment and open data”

Is it time to stop blaming insulin for “fat storage”?

Crack open any physiology textbook and chances are you’ll learn that after eating any normal meal, the release of insulin from the pancreas then signals the shutdown of the release of fatty acids from adipose (body fat) tissue and the increase of fatty acid uptake. Because of this well-known role of insulin, one of theContinue reading “Is it time to stop blaming insulin for “fat storage”?”

When my former girlfriend told me she was dying

  “It’s too late, David. I’m dying,” she told me. “No. No. That’s impossible,” I said. “You’re only 24.” Less than 0.1 percent of all breast cancers occurred in women under 30 years of age from 1975 to 2000, according to the National Cancer Institute. In comparison to older women, those young women who wereContinue reading “When my former girlfriend told me she was dying”

How lutein and zeaxanthin earned the limelight

When light enters the human eye it passes through the cornea, pupil, and lens to focus on an area of light-sensitive tissue called the retina. Near the center of the retina of the eye is a light yellow spot called the macula. It’s here where lutein and zeaxanthin concentrate to form macular pigment to filter out excessContinue reading “How lutein and zeaxanthin earned the limelight”