Drink enough water, but don’t overdo it or you could die

You gotta have water, but don’t drink so much so quickly and be sure you’re getting enough electrolytes. Proper hydration and intake of electrolytes are necessary for maintenance of homeostasis. And severe water and electrolyte loss can occur due to excessive sweating, vomiting or diarrhea. If water is replaced by plain water without electrolytes, thenContinue reading “Drink enough water, but don’t overdo it or you could die”

Incredible, edible egg but so high in cholesterol

If it wasn’t for its high content of cholesterol, egg yolks would be regarded more strongly as one of nature’s health powerhouses [1]. And, if regularly eaten, the egg would go a long way of ensuring against different nutritional deficiencies [1]. Hope has come for a more incredible, edible egg… If soluble fiber and redContinue reading “Incredible, edible egg but so high in cholesterol”

When cholesterol starts creeping up past 200

When total cholesterol begins to creep up past 200 mg/dL, it’s time to change diet [1]. If it reaches 240 mg/dL or higher, then the body is at high risk of coronary artery disease and cardiac death [1]. The risk is only accentuated if LDL cholesterol is higher than 160 mg/dL and HDL cholesterol isContinue reading “When cholesterol starts creeping up past 200”

When you’re full of dirty, hot air.

You could be a politician or you could have emphysema. The disorder usually is due to years of irritation from cigarette smoke, but anyone could get emphysema if exposed to years of air pollution or exposure to industrial dust [1p887]. The long-term irritation and resulting inflammation damages or destroys the walls of air sacs inContinue reading “When you’re full of dirty, hot air.”

A little history on breast cancer

It was good to learn a bit about breast cancer, especially considering that I walked for breast cancer just recently and was among many breast cancer survivors. Now I know a little more about what their lives are like. A little history lesson summarized (see source below): Breast cancer dates back to 1600 BC (asContinue reading “A little history on breast cancer”

Preventing spread of breast cancer

We may soon see drugs that can help prevent the spread of breast cancer. Last year in April it was found that breast cancers produce an overabundance of the protein Akt, which plays a key role in metastasis.(1) Akt’s role was tested by researchers who bred mice with a missing gene for Akt.(1) Mice withContinue reading “Preventing spread of breast cancer”

Radical Mastectomy and Arm Swelling

Due to the presence of breast cancer, Mrs. Franco had a right radical mastectomy in which her right breast and underlying muscle, right axillary lymph nodes and vessels were removed. Now she is experiencing swelling in her right arm Why did the surgeon remove lymph tissue as well as the breast? Why is Mrs. Franco’sContinue reading “Radical Mastectomy and Arm Swelling”

Gunshot hypovolemic shock

A gunshot wound and bleeding is sure to cause hypovolemic shock due to blood loss, external and internal (1p756). The body is generating the response as part of a negative feedback system that is attempting to correct the problem (1p756): – Low systolic blood pressure is due to reduced amount of blood. – Rapid heartContinue reading “Gunshot hypovolemic shock”