Is long-term calorie restriction in humans worth it?

Nearly 78 years have passed since the first experiment in the Journal of Nutrition was published that found that the restriction of calories without undernutrition would retard aging and prolong the mean and maximal lifespan of rats. That pioneering work of Clive M. McCay, Mary Crowell, and L. A. Maynard of Cornell led to several subsequentContinue reading “Is long-term calorie restriction in humans worth it?”

Resveratrol-Rich Plant Extract Stifles Inflammation in Humans

Resveratrol’s antioxidant and anti-inflammation actions shown previously only in vitro and in laboratory animals have now been observed in a small human study. State University of Buffalo New York and Kaleida Health researchers found that supplementation with a plant extract containing resveratrol suppressed generation of free radicals called reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reduced expressionContinue reading “Resveratrol-Rich Plant Extract Stifles Inflammation in Humans”

Does low-calorie dieting cause you to "yo yo" because of lowered metabolism?

This post came out of a question from someone who asked a question related to whether or not eating a very low calorie diet would lead to a “yo yo” effect caused by lowered metabolism, stoping weight loss and causing weight gain upon eating normally again. There is no evidence suggesting that a “yo yo”Continue reading “Does low-calorie dieting cause you to "yo yo" because of lowered metabolism?”