No evidence of dairy and heart disease link

New research has once again confirmed after systematically analyzing 17 studies that there is simply no evidence to substantiate claims of a link between dairy and higher risk of cardiovascular disease or death. The evidence, in fact, shows just the opposite—drinking milk slightly reduces the risk of coronary heart disease (1). In addition, multiple studiesContinue reading “No evidence of dairy and heart disease link”

Nutrition and Chronic Disease with Nicola McKeown

Next up at American College of Nutrition conference, we’re about to enjoy a talk given on “Nutrition and Chronic Disease: Advantages of a Diet Pattern and Health Outcomes” given by Nicola M. McKeown, Ph.D., of the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University.  “Trying to measure dietary exposures is very difficult,” sayd McKeown.Continue reading “Nutrition and Chronic Disease with Nicola McKeown”