Why we should adopt a “zoobiquitous” approach to health

We are all animals. It’s a fact that may be unsettling for some, but for others it is a fountain of understanding and of inspiration. Since 1859, thanks to Charles Darwin, our place in the animal world has been firmly established. Yet, to this day, it is all too common within medicine (and nutrition) toContinue reading “Why we should adopt a “zoobiquitous” approach to health”

Diagnosing Darwin’s multiple gastrointestinal diseases

Charles Darwin (Credit: Wikimedia) Throughout most of Charles Darwin’s adult life, the famed author of On the Origin of Species struggled with repeated episodes of severe abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting that could last for hours at a time, often occurring about three hours after breakfast, and thought to have been brought on by times ofContinue reading “Diagnosing Darwin’s multiple gastrointestinal diseases”