Eating Pace and Protein to Control Overeating

One matter that most evidence-based nutritionists and dietitians will agree on is that humans have evolved to be experts in the task of seeking out palatable foods, which generally contain a combination of sugar, fat, and salt. These nutrients, usually scarce over the long span of evolutionary time and highly valued, are what helped lead toContinue reading “Eating Pace and Protein to Control Overeating”

Mediterranean-style Diet Patterns by Paul Jacques

Greek, Italian or Spanish? What kind of Mediterranean-style diet are we talking about when we consider eating a Mediterranean diet? Talking about this right now at American College of Nutrition conference in New York City is Paul Jacques, S.c.D., FACN. Well, mostly it’s Greek, he says, which recommends eight servings of whole grains, six servingsContinue reading “Mediterranean-style Diet Patterns by Paul Jacques”

High Protein-Low Carb Diets for Obesity by Jeffrey Mechanick

Speaking on HPLC diets for obesity is Mount Sinai School’s Jeffrey Mechanick, M.D., who starts out with the theoretical advantage and perspective of low-carb diets.  There is a clinical problem of obesity, type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular  disease. And there is controversy about whether or not total calories matter or if there is something to the compositionContinue reading “High Protein-Low Carb Diets for Obesity by Jeffrey Mechanick”