What a Komodo dragon can teach us about energy balance

Credit: San Diego Zoo Try telling a Komodo dragon that physical activity doesn’t matter and that all one needs to do to lose weight is eat a diet lower in carbohydrates. Meet Sunny, the obese Komodo dragon. Her San Diego Zoo keepers have put her on a strict diet based on her animal energy and metabolicContinue reading “What a Komodo dragon can teach us about energy balance”

Beyond calories in, calories out — look to the Amish

What is wrong with “eat less, move more”? Most of us are familiar with this mantra as weight-loss advice. However, a new consensus statement from the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) and the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) contends that this energy-in-energy-out framework isn’t really so simple. The problem lies in that consuming fewer caloriesContinue reading “Beyond calories in, calories out — look to the Amish”

Fitness, hunter-gatherer style

Aché man hunting. Credit: Wiki “So the bottom line is that foragers are often in good shape and they look it. They sprint, jog, climb, carry, jump, etc all day long but are not specialists.” The quote above is excerpted from a description given by anthropologist Kim Hill (whose work I’ve previously written about here) ofContinue reading “Fitness, hunter-gatherer style”