What environmental groups don’t understand about biotech

On May 27, the “Take the Flour Back” environmentalist group plans to take “mass action” in efforts to remove more than $1 million worth of research in biotechnology. Their purpose, according to their website, is one of “mass decontamination” of what they see is a threat to farmers, the food supply, health of consumers, and biodiversity. What this protestContinue reading “What environmental groups don’t understand about biotech”

The future of nutrition research

There is little question that nutrition provides the foundation of health and wellbeing and that research into better nutrition is central to enabling a population live healthier, more productive, and longer lives. With this perspective in mind, the American Society for Nutrition assembled a working group of leading nutrition thought leaders to identify a listContinue reading “The future of nutrition research”

A way forward: Meeting vitamin and mineral needs globally

Efforts to curb or eliminate vitamin and mineral deficiencies globally have existed for almost a century, although there are now still as many questions if not more than ever before about what the next steps should be. There are seldom solutions that are simple to guide public policy internationally and there remain large challenges whenContinue reading “A way forward: Meeting vitamin and mineral needs globally”

Phosphorus and food’s future

James Elser, Ph.D. What can we do about phosphorus and food’s future? The 15th element in the periodic table is not something that comes to mind for most people when they reflect on causes of global food crises of the past. Overpopulation, climate change, crop disease, and soil erosion are more likely to deemed asContinue reading “Phosphorus and food’s future”

Printing organs for transplants

Advances in medicine are allowing us to live longer than ever, but with our older age comes a greater risk that our organs will fail us. In fact, the shortage of organs available for transplant increases by the day, according to Anthony Atala who spoke at TEDMED. In his talk, posted in March, Atala presentsContinue reading “Printing organs for transplants”

Hydroponics and health

I’ve had friends of mine try to get me into hydroponics before, but I haven’t ever been truly interested until today, when @TheEconomist tweeted links to these videos on “vertical farming,” the brainchild of Dickson Despommier, professor of public health in environmental health sciences at Columbia University. The magazine reports mainly on this urban-type agricultureContinue reading “Hydroponics and health”

What is the ideal design of future humans?

Natasha Vita-More There have been quite a few interesting subjects discussed at H+ @ Caltech today regarding the future of the human experience in light of exponential increases of information, artificial intelligence and medical breakthroughs. But what’s to become of humanity’s long tradition of creating art and design that is used to express ourselves, asContinue reading “What is the ideal design of future humans?”

Humanity’s Future: Information Overload

Robert Tercek At H+ at Caltech (#hplus) this morning, Robert Tercek gave us an introduction to humanity as we know it and how a sudden increase of information will transform it forever. “The process of improving human life has always been governed by information,” Tercek said. Now we’re in this new information transformation age, or what he calls livingContinue reading “Humanity’s Future: Information Overload”