Changes in genetic expression during weight loss and weight maintenance

by Amanda Jensen*  Losing weight is an ambition with no end. To get fit, live longer, reduce injury, look better, feel better and sleep better will pave the road toward your skinny. Yes, losing weight is known to help the heart and boost insulin sensitivity, but the question still asked is: how? There are differencesContinue reading “Changes in genetic expression during weight loss and weight maintenance”

Walking Off The Influence of "Thrifty Genes"

“I can’t help it, it’s my genes” is a familiar phrase among frustrated dieters and gym goers who feel they can’t make the scale budge despite all efforts to reduce calories and exercise more. There may be something to their justification. After all, weight can depend partly on genetic makeup (among several other factors). Luckily,Continue reading “Walking Off The Influence of "Thrifty Genes"”