Why does low cholesterol cause aggression?

There might be a Darwinian explanation. According to Meninger clinic researchers, lower blood LDL cholesterol may be a signal for famine, which led to an adaptation of a response of more aggressive behavior.(1) Of course I think this is a pretty far-reaching hypothesis, but it’s interesting. Reference Erickson, MT. Lowered serum cholesterol, famine and aggressionContinue reading “Why does low cholesterol cause aggression?”

Get an opthalmoscopic exam

A non-invasive, five- to 10-minute opthalmoscopic examination can reveal: Hypertension – Detected by swelling of the optic nerve and visual center of the retina can, hypertension is caused from narrowing arteries and amount of blood pumped by the heart.(2&3) If hypertension is not controlled it can lead to permanent damage to the optic nerve orContinue reading “Get an opthalmoscopic exam”

Health Hazards From Use of Technology

In today‚Äôs modern world, technology plays a predominant role in the lives of people. The computer is used for work and play. For many people, more time is spent in front of the monitor than anywhere else as a place to conduct business, go shopping, go to school, answer e-mails, converse with friends, and playContinue reading “Health Hazards From Use of Technology”