Why I’m obsessed with MyNetDiary  

  Ever since reading Dr. Yoni Freedhoff’s The Diet Fix and heartily recommending it to several colleagues and friends who were looking to lose weight, or help others lose weight, I decided that I better try the “10-Day Reset” for myself. Sometimes a nutritionist decides he better walk his talk. Setting out to achieve myContinue reading “Why I’m obsessed with MyNetDiary  “

Whole milk better for your heart?

Every nutritionist knows (or should know) that a DASH eating plan is incredibly effective for helping patients to lower their blood pressure. A staple on the plan are low-fat or non-fat dairy foods (think 2 percent or skim milk versus whole milk) because they are considered more heart healthy than full-fat dairy, but the resultsContinue reading “Whole milk better for your heart?”

Low-fat vs low-carb and Med-diet

On July 17, 2008, a study was published (1) that I believe should change how nutritionists and dietitians would look at the current Dietary Guide for Americans, the Food Guide Pyramid and the whole concept of a “heart-healthy” low-fat diet as recommended by the American Heart Association. The paradigm-shift study was a 2-year intervention trialContinue reading “Low-fat vs low-carb and Med-diet”

Boost brain health by living like an Indian

Getting plenty of sun and eating curry are integral parts of Indian culture. Now scientists have found that this combination also helps guard against Alzheimer’s disease. The biochemical mechanism by which the combination works is through immune system macrophages (1). Vitamin D was found to stimulate type I and II macrophages to break down andContinue reading “Boost brain health by living like an Indian”

Personal magnesium intake

These are the foods I eat on a daily basis with highest magnesium intake: Mixed Nuts – 308 mg per cupSpinach – 150mg per cupYerba Mate – 90mg per cupChocolate Soymilk – 39mg per cupCoffee (espresso) – 96mg per 4 oz Total magnesium: 683mg Luckily I’m meeting my recommended intake of 400mg per day. CheckContinue reading “Personal magnesium intake”

Your brain on wine, tea and chocolate

Who would’ve thought? Before my next game of chess, I’ll drink a glass of cabernet, a cup of green tea and a bite into a piece of chocolate. All three foods contain antioxidant flavonoids that support brain health and, according to a study of Oxford and Norwegian researchers, elderly subjects had better test scores inContinue reading “Your brain on wine, tea and chocolate”

New Year’s Health Resolutions

If I was a rational human I wouldn’t wait until New Year’s Day to make a health resolution. But like most humans I know, I’m not very rational. I’m really emotional. My habits largely depend on how I feel. Every morning before work I hug my pillow for as long as possible because it feels good andContinue reading “New Year’s Health Resolutions”