Holding on to brain function through nutrition

By the year 2050, the number of people in the world over 80 years old will reach 370 million. About 50 percent of adults currently 85 and older have Alzheimer’s disease. The statistics are sobering and warn of a growing and serious epidemic. A high prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease, which is a debilitating and costlyContinue reading “Holding on to brain function through nutrition”

Lecithin – good for your brain and liver

Lecithin provides choline, which is a precursor for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain.(1) Choline is also necessary to remove fat from the liver.(2) Thus, supplementation could be extremely beneficial for alcoholics to prevent against cirrhosis.(2) References 1. http://www.jacn.org/cgi/content/abstract/11/5/4732. http://www.medschool.northwestern.edu/newsworthy/past-years/2002/2002H-May/choline.htm

What’s the new rage? Omega-3 Index

Blood omega-3 oils could be just as or more important than blood LDL cholesterol levels. Last week I attended a conference in Las Vegas where I heard a cardiologist say bluntly that doctors need to be retrained to stop limiting their focus to blood LDL cholesterol for preventing heart disease and start using the novelContinue reading “What’s the new rage? Omega-3 Index”

Promoters say cholesterol is a nutrient – not true

I am a bit stunned by argument for consuming cholesterol by cholesterol-promoterscholesterol-and-health.com because the body makes all the cholesterol it needs (about a gram a day)and a dietary amount is unnecessary.(1) For this reason, I’m not sure I can bring myself to call the lipid a nutrient. While it is true that cholesterol-rich foods suchContinue reading “Promoters say cholesterol is a nutrient – not true”

3 reasons to still avoid cholesterol (even though it’s not bad for you)

More than 50 years have gone by since it was first discovered that too much LDL cholesterol in the blood is linked to heart disease, and, in response, healthcare professionals of all kinds have provided a simple message: “cholesterol is bad”.(1) More recent research, however, tells a different story — that eggs, liver, shrimp andContinue reading “3 reasons to still avoid cholesterol (even though it’s not bad for you)”

ADHD and omega-3

According to an article in the Scandinavian Journal of Nutrition (Scandinavia being where much of our purified fish oil supplements comes from), there is “mounting evidence” showing that fish oil DHA/EPA omega-3 fatty acids can be used in clinical treatment of ADHD.(1) Several studies have reported that supplementation with fish oil at high dosages (16gContinue reading “ADHD and omega-3”

Why do pregnant women need iron?

Pregnant women need additional iron intake, but if the body controls absorption and uptake, then why is diet not enough? While it may be true that the diet doesn’t provide enough, it may also include other factors beyond iron intake that may also affect women pre- and post-pregnancy. There are many dietary factors that canContinue reading “Why do pregnant women need iron?”

Sodium supplements or salt shakers?

I couldn’t imagine why anyone would supplement with sodium. We do so much “supplementation” already with our salt shakers. All that shaking is linked to hypertension, but overall, when food is salted lightly, the salting may not be all bad. When you eat salt, it guards you against sodium deficiency. The deficiency is not asContinue reading “Sodium supplements or salt shakers?”

Vitamin Supplementation Debate

Vitamin supplementation may have its place in clinical nutrition, but confusion of how or when to supplement can ultimately harm the consumer.(1) The confusion arises from “extreme” views of healthcare practitioners who say supplementation is not necessary at all and those who push for too much supplementation.(1p119) Non-credentialed experts and vitamins manufacturers interested in makingContinue reading “Vitamin Supplementation Debate”