Don’t drive long-distances with grandpa if he has diabetes

The ultra-frequent pit stops will drive you nuts (even if he’s your beloved grandpa). Buy grandpa a plane ticket! Excessive thirst and urination signals uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, diabetic ketoacidosis or diabetes insipidus.(1) Urinalysis and blood testing are meant to detect the first two conditions.(2&3) When blood testing shows normal glucose levels and there is noContinue reading “Don’t drive long-distances with grandpa if he has diabetes”

Walk for your memory

You may or may not remember last year’s landmark four-year study related to Alzheimer’s disease sponsored by the Italians. The study appeared in December’s issue of Neurology. I found a link to an article about it below. In summary it showed that elderly people (over 65) who regularly walk significantly lower risk of vascular dementia.(1)Continue reading “Walk for your memory”

Yes, I live in Arizona so I have a higher risk of melanoma

Of the three types of skin cancer, melanoma is the most serious. It affects the melanocytes, which produce the pigment melanin that gives skin its color. The cancerous melanocytes do not die when they should (apoptosis) and form a cancerous mass. Melanoma can show up in a mole or other pigmented tissues such as theContinue reading “Yes, I live in Arizona so I have a higher risk of melanoma”