Is it time to stop blaming insulin for “fat storage”?

Crack open any physiology textbook and chances are you’ll learn that after eating any normal meal, the release of insulin from the pancreas then signals the shutdown of the release of fatty acids from adipose (body fat) tissue and the increase of fatty acid uptake. Because of this well-known role of insulin, one of theContinue reading “Is it time to stop blaming insulin for “fat storage”?”

Will glutamine give you big guns?

You might think so. In theory, glutamine supplementation appears to make sense. Supplementation increases plasma glutamine in the plasma (1), which is thought to support the immune system (2;3) because the immune system uses glutamine for energy production (4). Plus, because exercise causes muscles to increase use of glutamine, stores are depleted (4). However, accordingContinue reading “Will glutamine give you big guns?”