Want a reason to get drunk?

An incredibly risky one? If you happen to drink methanol, then you’ll end up in the emergency room with an IV intended to get you drunk as fast as possible.1 2 If the treatment isn’t applied immediately you could end up blind or worse.1,2p426 Methanol may be good for certain racing cars, but it’s toxicContinue reading “Want a reason to get drunk?”

Women and Asians can’t hold their alcohol as well as European men

If you thought it interesting that women have less of aldehyde dehydrogenase, then you’ll no doubt be interested to know that many Asians have a deficiency.(1) This is why Chinese, Japanese and Koreans can be much more sensitive to alcohol than Europeans and Americans of European ancestry.(1) You’ll notice that Asians with this deficiency areContinue reading “Women and Asians can’t hold their alcohol as well as European men”

What fluids should I use before my marathon?

Marathon runners can become dehydrated due to the extreme physical activity. What types of fluids should they consume in order to rehydrate their cells? When you’re dehydrated, water is the hypotonic solution of choice for speedily moving via osmosis from blood directly into body cells that need rehydration (Tortora & Derrickson, 2006). Marathon runners, however,Continue reading “What fluids should I use before my marathon?”

Should I see a nutritionist or stick to dietary guidelines?

We may all be made of flesh and blood, but each one of us has a body with unique differences. These varying individual distinctions can call for custom measures when it comes to needs for health. For these reasons good clinicians can accept established dietary guidelines as a general route for a population to makeContinue reading “Should I see a nutritionist or stick to dietary guidelines?”

A&P? Can’t I just memorize my vitamins?

If you just read the side panel of a Wheaties box while eating breakfast in the morning you’ll already know you need vitamins A, Bs, C, and E. The milk carton next to the cereal you know is a good source of calcium and vitamin D. Why should you know about anatomy and physiology? UnderstandingContinue reading “A&P? Can’t I just memorize my vitamins?”